What is Tabata Kids?

Tabata Kids is a resource that is used to promote physical movement in schools. 

What types of educators utilize Tabata Kids?

The beauty of this program is that it is only limited to the leader’s creativity, therefore making it useful in a wide array of educational environments. We have been contacted by a myriad of teachers and community leaders who have provided positive feedback regarding the efficacy of Tabata Kids in their specific setting. This includes educators in the arenas of:

Elementary Classrooms

High School Classes




School Nurses


Recreation Directors

Recess Monitors

Spelling Bee coaches

Swimming instructors

and others…


What age group and setting is Tabata Kids targeted for?

The short answer: Pre-K through adulthood! However, the majority of those that take advantage of Tabata Kids seem to be elementary school teachers and P.E. teachers. Classroom teachers with physically active children frequently contact us with positive feedback as these short burst exercises have proven fruitful when utilized just prior to or immediately following a cognitive learning endeavor. P.E. teachers in all grades incorporate the use of Tabata Kids songs in infinitely different ways.

I am a classroom teacher. When should I use Tabata Kids?

The latest research shows that short burst movement activities (brain breaks) are most beneficial to students’ cognitive growth either directly before or immediately following a learning endeavor such as reading, writing, or math. We are also contacted by teachers who use our songs to break up long periods of seatwork or conversely to get their class to settle down when the vibe in the room is overly electric!


Is my classroom big enough?

If there is room for your students to stand, there is enough room for a Tabata Kids break. Ideally students would possess “Personal Space.” This means they can extend their arms and twist their trunk from side to side without being able to touch another person or object. Some educators ask the children to find this personal space within the classroom while many simply have their pupils stand behind their desk with the chair pushed in.


What cues work best to get my students to behave appropriately before, during, and after a Tabata Kids break?

Many of our teachers have found the “3 S’s” approach to work.

  • Spot (stay in one spot and don’t move around the classroom)

  • Silent (we like to tell students that laughing is OK, but talking, shouting, and screaming are to be saved for recess)

  • Stay on feet (in grades K-2 student falling down on purpose can be an obstacle for a teacher)

We also convey to the kids the importance of, “getting back to business” immediately following the Tabata Kids break.


Four Minutes is too long. How can I shorten it?

Due to many requests from classroom teachers, we also offer two-minute Tabata Kids songs to address this need.


Does exercise really improve student’s test scores?

Absolutely! For empirical evidence, please click on the “Brain Science” tab… (link to brain science tab)


Can I buy Tabata Kids music on CD?

Currently the music is only available digitally through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3.

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