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APP team members appointed to UDIA 2022 committees

We are delighted to announce that employees from APP’s Urban Development team have been appointed to UDIA NSW 2022 committees.

APP team members appointed to UDIA 2022 committees

The Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) NSW Committee program plays a significant part in UDIA’s NSW Policy Development and Advocacy. Every year UDIA reconstitutes committee membership to ensure the best advisers available to create a better operating environment for the development industry.

Congratulations to the following APP team members on their appointments: 
Peter Alevizos, Project Director - ‘Infrastructure’ Committee
The Infrastructure Committee supports the efficient planning and delivery of infrastructure in Sydney with a focus on catalytic and social infrastructure. The committee reviews policy barriers, as well as funding mechanisms for infrastructure. The key goals for the year include the infrastructure funding reform, review of local and special infrastructure contributions and growth servicing and infrastructure planning.

Simon Kinsey, Project Director - ‘Employment Lands’ Committee

The Employment Lands Committee supports the development of employment lands and increase the supply of employment lands in Sydney with a focus on infrastructure and land use for greenfield employment lands, maximising the use of infill employment lands to support jobs and defining the future of work and a planning framework to enable flexibility.
Travis Brown, Senior Development Manager – Planning Committee
The Planning Committee is focused on improving the NSW planning system so that the community, government, and industry can live in a connected, accessible, and affordable future city. The Committee is currently focussed on incremental measures to improve the statutory planning system, together with the major reform being driven by the Productivity Commissioner.
Carlo Missio, Senior Project Manager – Smart Cities and Sustainable Built Environment Committee
The Smart Cities and Sustainable Built Environment Committee recognises the smart city agenda continues to grow in scope and now with all levels of government seeking to embrace ‘smart’ in various dimensions. Importantly sustainability and reliance are also increasingly being intermeshed with the smart cities agenda. The committee will pursue a leadership and innovation role in the promotion of excellence in smart cities and sustainable urban development outcomes.

Peter Hosri, Project Manager – The Young Leaders Committee

The Young Leaders Committee develops future leaders for the industry, aiming to support the development of the Young Leaders in the Committee by providing a networking forum with honest conversations, supporting broader impact through policy and research publications.

Michael Hart, Project Manager - ‘Seniors Living and Alternative Housing’ Committee 

The Seniors Living and Alternative Housing Committee promotes the development of specialised accommodation, including retirement living, aged care and disability living. The Committee focuses on this diverse housing from a development perspective, so discussion is based around planning policy to enable and promote a better built form outcome

Matt McMullen, Graduate – Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is focused on improving and promoting diversity and inclusion in the UDIA and the urban development industry more broadly. This includes managing and promoting the ongoing ‘One Thing’ Campaign and organising and delivering a diversity and inclusion themed event.

Congratulations to all. 

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