Tabata Kids- CrossFit Teen Athlete

Tabata Kids was first introduced at Hartland Elementary School in 2012. Upon experiencing this healthy initiative, the teachers and students truly embraced the powerful music. These tunes were combined with movement breaks to boost physical and cognitive capacity at this rural public school in eastern Vermont. Tabata Kids quickly became an integral aspect of the school day during P.E. class as well as in the academic setting. At the time of this introduction, one of those Hartland students was a 7th grader named Kyle Prior.

Kyle’s excitement for short-burst interval workouts was evident the very first time he engaged in a Tabata workout in his Physical Education class. He expressed to his teacher (cofounder of Tabata Kids) Pete Driscoll how much he not only enjoyed the short-burst intense movement activities, but also articulated that when moving vigorously, he was able to “escape” from all the other “stuff” that he was constantly thinking about.

Driscoll soon invited Prior to join him for his own personal CrossFit workouts before school at 6:00 a.m in the gymnasium. It was during this time that Kyle was introduced to Olympic lifts and gymnastics (bodyweight) movements. Driscoll’s young charge quickly embraced and shared the P.E. teacher’s passion for intense functional fitness CrossFit workouts. Although not permitted to put any weight on the 35lb barbell for an entire year, Prior remained patient while understanding the importance of proficient mechanics when lifting with complex movement patterns such as those required in Olympic lifts.

The two continued to workout as a pair in Driscoll’s home garage gym in the cold dark Vermont mornings before school each day even as Prior graduated from Hartland Elementary and started his high school career. Now at 15 years of age, Kyle has dipped his toes in the competition side of the sport of functional fitness. He finished 4th in his age division in the 2015 CrossFit Open a few months after winning the teen division in his first ever Spartan Race at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. He continues to set PR’s in the CrossFit workouts he engages in while also playing on the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams at Hartford High School. Tabata workouts continue to prove to be a place where he can “lose himself” in good old fashioned grinding workouts.

This video features a small sample of the movements Prior uses to enhance his fitness capacity using the Tabata Kids interval music.

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